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Rahkal Shelton Roberson
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Rahkal Shelton Roberson

"Coach Rahk Roberson"
Sometimes, numbers do lie! Statistics say children raised in domestically violent homes and/or homes filled with substance abuse and poverty are less likely to succeed and more likely to become products of their environment. Welp, these are my statistics, but this isn’t my story.

I was born on Chicago’s rough South Side in a violent home to parents hooked on drugs. Raised in poverty by a high school dropout and without a father, many areas of my life have been epitomized by God’s grace—overcoming adversity, remaining resilient, and shattering generational curses. 

I am a first-gen college graduate, a multi-talented author, speaker, certified professional life coach, career strategist, proud HBCU alum, mentor, and college prep champion.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve coached, mentored, and taught students in the Chicago, Washington DC, and metro Atlanta areas. My passion is for serving and advocating for young women from underserved communities. 

Professionally, I work closely with families, educational institutions, and students to identify and assess clear strategies and plans for personal and professional success. We partner to create practical change in how students approach their daily lives to produce better results.

I offer personalized college, life, and career readiness educational content, workshops, training, speaking, and group coaching to support the success of Gen-Z and millennial women. 

“As a first-generation college graduate, mentor, and inner-city youth advocate, I deeply understand the value and importance of inclusion and access to educational resources and academic preparedness. For many Black children, I’ve discovered that community, accountability, access/exposure, affirmation, and a wraparound approach are essential to success.

Moreover, when properly prepared and provided equitable opportunities, learners and families feel valued, seen, supported, and more likely to thrive.” 
Black Girl College Prep Mentorship
Black Girl College Prep Mentorship
Black Girl College Prep Mentorship
Black Girl College Prep Mentorship
My professional experience combines project management, leadership, broadcast production, and facilitating. I've worked for companies and organizations, including CNN, Warner Media, iHeartMedia, Fox Chicago News, Chicago Public Schools, and most recently, Atlanta Public Schools, as a senior project manager for the district's office of engagement.
I appreciate leveraging my professional problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic planning skills with my knack for creativity, solutions, and passion for serving young women.

I have a master’s in communications and training and a bachelor’s in radio/television/film. In 2023, I was awarded
my first community impact award from the Gwinnett County Alumnae Chapter ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. My books have garnered mentions in Forbes, WGN, HuffPost, V103, and other media outlets. 

I am the author of College Bound: A Black Girl’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Starting College, Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working in Corporate, Woosah Workplace Peace: 7 Keys To Obtaining A More Fulfilling Work Experience, and Dreams Bigger Than Texas: A Story of Faith, Perseverance, and Growth Into Womanhood.

OAN: I am SUPER passionate about what I do, my commitment to serving others, my relationship with Jesus, being a phenomenal wife to my extraordinary husband, Dr. Joe L. Roberson Jr., and serving our nonprofit organization, Ourfatherless Foundation.

Oh yea, I love blogging, being creative, dancing, mentoring, and having a good time.    

Check out my latest 2023 feature here.

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