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The Ultimate College, Life, and Career Readiness Course for Black Girls

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Unlocking Potential, Navigating Academics, Life, Skill Building, and Career Planning with Confidence

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We make the college admission, career readiness, and post-high school process more exciting, easy, and effortless for students and their families.

Are you???

  • The first in the family to attend college?

  • Thinking about a trade instead?

  • A busy parent, low on time?

  • Not sure if college is for you to begin with?

No worries; this course has you covered! We walk students and families through the college admissions process, including major selections, scholarship applications, essay writing, and financial aid. We’ll explore career and trade school alternatives, goal setting, financial literacy, life preparedness, and strategies for building independence as a young woman. Students will leave our course more assured, knowledgeable, and equipped to embark on their respective journeys. 

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The CHEAT CODE! A clear plan of action and knowing exactly what steps to take for college admissions or finding the right program or job.

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The tools, templates, and resources for your student to manage their time, become organized, and gain independence in this process 

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Exposure to career options and strategies for selecting work aligning with your purpose and God-given talents.

Support along the journey!

This Signature Course is specifically designed to cater to and address the needs of Black girls, equipping them with the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the transition from high school to the next chapter of their lives.


This course/curriculum consists of eight downloadable, high-quality interactive workbooks packed with information, activities, and journal prompts to accompany the eight modules. Lesson plans are delivered via video animation and in bite-sized chunks to captivate your learner’s attention.


This curriculum covers EVERYthing from identity, confidence, and self-esteem to goal setting, college applications, financial literacy, college funding, essay writing, and college alternatives.

By the end of this course, learners will leave with a thorough understanding of the college admissions process, the components associated with it, and how to get organized and apply.


They’ll gain skills to properly format and write applications and essays, set SMART objectives, and research college information while proactively organizing data. Students will walk away with a plan of action for thoughtful college and career decision-making.

a quick look inside 

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Your Student's Journey Through 8 Modules 

•    8 Modules, 16 Key Lessons
•    Streamlined Video & Audio Lessons
•    8 Workbooks for Each Module
•    40+ Worksheets, Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and Templates for Easy Interactiveness (including our college application and scholarship organizers)


Exploring Personal and Cultural Identity, Character, Confidence, and Self-Esteem

Learn about who you are culturally as a Black woman while imagining the type of woman you want to become. Uncover your strengths, interests, diversity, and values as you lay the foundation for your academic and career aspirations.


College Exploration and Admissions

Dive into the world of college possibilities. Explore various institutions and learn about the admissions process. This module provides a roadmap for understanding college options, selecting and applying for schools, understanding prerequisites, and aligning your education with your long-term goals.


College Application and Essay Writing

Unlock the doors to your academic future with this module to guide you through the intricate process of college applications and essay writing. This module provides essay formatting and sample college applications. It empowers you to authentically present your unique narrative, ensuring your application stands out.


Transition to College Life

This module is packed with resources and guides to help you transition from high school to college. Embark on a more seamless transition with Module 7’s workbook, as it’s thoughtfully crafted to equip learners with the essential skills, knowledge, and mindset needed for a successful college experience. This workbook includes a freshman dorm move-in checklist, strategies on safety, self-care, conflict resolution, stress management for Black girls, and more.


Academic Skills, Goal Setting, and Time Management

Set SMART goals to guide your journey toward success while acquiring essential study skills and time management techniques to thrive in your academic pursuits. Boost your efficiency and effectiveness in the learning process.


Financial Literacy and College Funding

Learn about the wealth gap and gain a deeper understanding of why many Black people are lagging financially in our country. Demystify the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Learn the ins and outs of the application process to secure the financial support you need for your college journey. This subject covers credit, credit types, debt prevention, financial freedom, and paying for college.  Explore budgeting, student loans, scholarships, and financial aid.


Test Preparation and Admissions Interviews

Understand the stigmas around standardized testing and Black communities while learning best practices for selecting your test, how to create a study schedule, where to find free resources and help with studying, affording prep, and preparing for admission interviews.


Career Planning and Future Growth

Dive into the world of career possibilities. Explore various industries, learn about emerging trends, and gain insights through engaging activities and an interactive workbook. Chart your academic course with precision. This module provides a roadmap for selecting careers, understanding prerequisites, and aligning your education with long-term goals. This lesson also helps to sharpen your professional toolkit and cultivate effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills necessary for college and workplace success.

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Hi! My name is Rahkal Shelton Roberson, but you can call me Coach Rahk Roberson. I am your lead instructor and founder of Black Girl College Prep. Let's connect!

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