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Empowering Gen-Z and First-Gen learners to be college, life, and career-ready!

learning materials created with you in mind.

Black Girl College Prep enhances the academic prowess, leadership development, and overall life and career preparedness of learners from underserved communities in middle school and up. We guide students and families through the college admission process while assisting them in successfully navigating their college experience, personal development, graduation, and early career. 

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To develop integral leaders and legacy-minded students from marginalized areas by delivering culturally inclusive, high-quality college, life, and career-planning education, training, and mentoring to properly prepare them for life beyond high school.


We envision a future where every student has access to high-quality educational, life, and career readiness resources and opportunities necessary to feel prepared, confident, and empowered to use their unique voice and skills to help create a more diverse and equitable world. 


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Chats & Speaking

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Workshops & Webinars

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Coaching & Consulting

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Educational Content


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Goal Setting

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Graduation Success

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Legacy Mindset

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Time Management

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Safe Environment

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Career Exposure

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It's essential to recognize that experiences can vary, and not every student encounters the same difficulties. However, some common challenges include:


Specifically address some of the obstacles and issues that many Black and Latino students face in higher education or their future careers. Obstacles include a lack of access to high-quality education, underrepresentation, educational gaps, prejudice, and economic inequality.

When concerns are overlooked, messages of invalidation and invisibility are sent, exacerbating the situation and leaving Black students underprepared for professional employment.

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Unfortunately, many Black girls today will face many of the same injustices that their grandmothers did... in the classroom, lecture hall, and workplace. Much of the gaslighting, microaggressions, and discrimination they may face can harm their mental health and confidence, causing them to doubt their intelligence and abilities.

Ignoring these conversations is detrimental to Black women making plans for the future. At a minimum, awareness could help better prepare them for future events.


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Considering the previously mentioned challenges—which include resource allocation, institutional racism, economic disparities, limited involvement from parents, and cultural insensitivity—more assistance in college and career readiness has proven to be beneficial for many Black and Latino learners.

Extra resources can improve their educational experience, helping them navigate the complexities of the education system and prepare them for a successful future. 


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Without candid conversations and being made aware of future intersectionality risks such as racism, sexism, and discrimination, Black and Latina women may be disappointed to learn that college isn't always their ticket out or doesn't guarantee success, a job, respect, or equity. 

If students are not educated and equipped with techniques for making college work for them, it may be a set-up for greater financial problems with far-reaching consequences. An advanced heads-up, extra assistance, and awareness can empower learners, assisting them in selecting the best postsecondary choice for them. 


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"Her coaching style was excellent. She makes you feel confident and comfortable all in one. She puts a lot of work into what she does and she pours into you. She’s always engaged when you are expressing yourself and always has encouraging words. She helps you think with logic as well. I enjoyed the way she listens and hears you out before sharing what she thinks. She made me feel welcome and heard."

Jada, High School Senior

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Unlike traditional mainstream college prep books, College Bound is written specifically with the Black girl in mind, addressing unique challenges stemming from racial disparities in high school graduation gaps and a lack of access to education, resources, and opportunities to better prep them for life beyond high school.


For Black girls specifically, this time is crucial for the formation of their identities, the realization and ownership of their purposes, and acquiring skills and knowledge necessary to mitigate future risks of intersectionality (racism, sexism, inequalities, and other disadvantages) that could create unnecessary obstacles in the future.

College Bound is a resource-rich road map for teenage and young adult Black women preparing for college and life beyond! This comprehensive guide offers tools for smart and strategic future planning, covering EVERYTHING from junior year of high school through college graduation. Checklists, exercises, chapters on the application process, scholarships, budgeting, debt management, resume writing, interview practice, and more included! This book provides readers with the affirmation, self-assurance, and tools necessary to be successful on their journeys.          


•  How to identify, celebrate, and leverage their diversity (Black Girl Magic)
•  How to complete the college, financial aid, and scholarship application process
•  About wage gaps, avoiding debt, and financial freedom strategies
•  The importance of skills, trades, and entrepreneurship for Black girls
•  Ways to identify gifts, talents, and passions to best select college majors
•  Strategies for implementing positive mental health practices
•  Tips for making friends, navigating PWIs, HBCUs, and the social scene
•  Time management, critical thinking, decision-making, conflict resolution, and communication skills
•  How to build effective study habits, boost GPA, develop resilience, and more!

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This guide is here to affirm, empower, and help middle school-aged girls tap into their wildest potential while planning a bright future.

With this book, students will:

  • Imagine the type of woman they want to become

  • Discover their passions and skills while exploring career options

  • Learn healthy self-care, communication, and positive mental health tips

  • Uncover steps to becoming a responsible teen and future leader

  • Unlock the secrets to academic success with study tips, time management techniques, and advice on making smart choices

  • Learn to navigate cultural challenges, celebrate their heritage, and stand tall in a world that will sometimes try to dim their light

  • Create a step-by-step plan to achieve their goals: Get insider tips on college admissions, financial aid, and scholarships. Discover resources to help them find the perfect fit for their future. And more!


1. Passion and Relatability:

Black Girl College Prep was founded by a first-generation college graduate who grew up with many of the issues and challenges faced by students from marginalized communities (limited parental involvement, single-family homes, economic disparities, lack of access to resources, etc.). She has dedicated her life's work to mentoring and advocating for young women.

Black Girl College Prep is committed to supporting marginalized students and families in breaking generational curses while dreaming and taking practical steps to accomplish those dreams. Our passion is demonstrated in everything we create, do, and offer, from free resources to books, workshops, and specialized coaching services.


2. Experienced Facilitators:

Every workshop and webinar is facilitated by seasoned professional and industry experts, offering a wealth of knowledge, engagement, and practical insights. 


3. Interactive Learning:

We believe in the power of interactive learning. Our sessions include hands-on activities, discussions, and Q&A sessions to ensure active engagement and success.


4. Community:

We believe in the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child and the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”


We’re just better when in community with others! At BGCP, we’re building a community of students, parents, advocates, experts, and educators. Join our community by connecting with us on social media channels, utilizing our services, and signing up for our newsletters and blogs.


5. Tailored Solutions:

Whether you’re a high school senior preparing for college, a college student preparing to graduate, a mom seeking to build a better relationship with their teen, or an institution aiming to upskill your educators, we offer tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.


6. Flexible Delivery:

Access our offerings from anywhere. Our flexible delivery options include live sessions, on-demand content, and custom scheduling to accommodate diverse preferences.

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40% OFF 

This Signature Course is available on-demand as a 2-hour course for students and families or an eight-week curriculum for organizations and schools. The BGCP Signature was specifically designed to cater to and address the needs of Black girls, equipping them with the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the transition from high school to the next chapter of their lives.

This course/curriculum is a perfect integration for existing curriculums or as a stand-alone, consisting of eight downloadable, high-quality interactive workbooks packed with information, activities, and journal prompts to accompany the eight modules or eight weekly lesson plans. Lesson plans are delivered via video animation and in bite-sized chunks to captivate your learner’s attention.
This curriculum covers EVERYthing from identity, confidence, and self-esteem to goal setting, college applications, financial literacy, college funding, essay writing, and college alternatives. A fun and user-friendly facilitator’s guide is included as well.

By the end of this course, learners will leave with a thorough understanding of the college admissions process, the components associated with it, and how to get organized and apply.
They’ll gain skills to properly format and write applications and essays, set SMART objectives, and research college information while proactively organizing data. Students will walk away with a plan of action for thoughtful college and career decision-making.

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